Transitia is a concession holder that promotes, provides and manages passenger and freight transport services and manages infrastructures. The company is growing throughout Spain and further afield, based on a corporate culture of sustainability and diversification backed up by innovation and the commitment of its people.


Company policy


Transitia specialises in the operation and management of transport and infrastructures of all types. Its current business lines are the following:

Buses/Coaches & Services:

Concessions for the operation of city and inter-city passenger and freight transport services.



Concessions for the construction and operation of car parks.




Concessions for the construction and/or operation of infrastructures.


Commitment to customers

Transitia works on the basis of a commitment to customer satisfaction through professionalism, safety, quality, profitability, innovation and financial stability. The company also promotes the sustainable use of resources and corporate social responsibility.

Partly-owned subsidiaries

Transitia is without doubt a strategic partner in various projects in the transport sector at domestic and international levels. As such, it works with other leading companies on various projects, including:



Tramrail, along with Transitia, the stakeholders in this company are FEVE, COMSA and Euskotren. The corporate purpose is to boost the value of the Spanish railway and tramway industry in terms of the construction and upkeep of infrastructures and rolling stock, and to promote the creation of business opportunities for Spanish firms.


Metranybus, this company, formed by Euskotren and Transitia, focuses on passenger and freight transport of all kinds.

Transitia also holds a stake in SIV Depot along with the Bilbao Port Authority, Noatum and Euskotren. SIV Depot is a company that operates mainly in the coordination and logistics of road and rail freight haulage. It is based in Vitoria, and seeks to promote the development of the city’s inland port.